Orchesographie: The Renaissance Dances 

SUN MAR 11 | 2 PM
Orchesographie: The Renaissance Dances 

The fascinating world of renaissance dance comes alive with the stellar voices of Solis Camerata and the authentic instruments of Bartholomew Faire, as these two valley-based early music ensembles team up to present the music of Orchesographie, a 16th century treatise on dancing.

Written in the form of a dialogue between a master and pupil, Thoinot Arbeau’s Orchesographie features music notation and dance steps for almost fifty dances, including pavans, galliards, gavottes, allemandes, morescas, and the ubiquitous branles. Bartholomew Faire evokes 16th century court and peasant life as they present these dances on lutes, harps, citole, bagpipes, shawms, crumhorns, dulcian, hurdy-gurdy, and pipe & tabor, while Solis Camerata brings the vocal concordances to life.

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